October 16-20, 2023
Smolensk, Branch of the National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute in Smolensk
We invite you to take part on December 21-23, 2022 in the XX Russian Conference for Artificial Intelligence (RCAI-2022)
Main directions
Knowledge engineering (models and methods of representation, knowledge acquisition, ontology)
Data mining, text mining
Cognitive, mental and biometric studies of artificial intelligence, philosophical problems of artificial intelligence
Intelligent agents, robots, intelligent control, computer vision
Fuzzy models, soft measurements and calculations, reasoning modeling
Machine learning, neural network methods, neuroinformatics
Tool systems, frameworks for creating intelligent systems. Technologies for the design and development of intelligent systems. Applied intelligent systems
Key dates
Deadline for registration of applications for presentations and acceptance of texts of reports

May 15 , 2023
25 мая 2023 г.
31 мая 2023 г.

Date of notification of the authors of the decision of the program committee

August 21 , 2023

Date of receipt of the reports prepared for publication

September 4, 2023

Dates of the conference

from October 16 to October 20 , 2023

Publication of reports
The base reports were published in the conference proceedings and included in the RSCI, followed by the publication of Russian-language versions of the reports in the journal "Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis", included in the SCOPUS, RSCI data. Extended or modified versions of the accepted reports (optional) are published in the journals "Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making", "Design Ontology", "Applied Informatics", "Software Products and Systems", included in the RSCI database.
Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence
Federal Research Center "Informatics and Control" of the RAS
Branch of the National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute in Smolensk
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